Welcome to Wasatch Woodland School

Wasatch Woodland School is a homeschooling cooperative formed by environmentally minded parents wanting to give their children an education focused in nature. Many parents intend to homeschool or unschool their children and others intend to send their children to public or private schools. No matter your educational philosophy, if you value time spent enjoying the outdoors with your children in an unstructured manner you are welcome to join us at any of our regular meetings.

Our group values time spent following our children in the woods over time spent leading them.

We place a strong emphasis on letting our children explore on their own, needing adult assistance or supervision only when necessary for safety. By letting our children regulate their time spent in nature we believe they will learn their own boundaries, capabilities, and form a personal relationship with the outdoors. And though we do hike, we are not a hiking group. We follow our children’s’ lead as to what they are interested in doing that day. We also strongly value instilling a sense of Place for our children. We have two regular meeting spots and are working towards a monthly field trip. We believe that by meeting regularly in the same location our children will develop a more personal relationship with the outdoors. They can return to their same digging holes, same boulder to scale, same felled tree to climb again and again and the outdoors will become their second home.


This is a collection of photos taken over the last year to give you an idea of what any typical day looks like when spent outdoors at Woodland School.